Yoga — For the Ladies

I am a huge fan of Yoga Today. If you are wanting to try at-home yoga classes, they offer a free hour-long class every week on their website and a long list of short/light classes on their Yoga Today YouTube channel. (There are some really good just-getting-started classes there if you’re new or newly returning to yoga.)

Yoga Today has been a lifesaver for me, ever since I left my totally kickass Iyengar instructor in San Diego and have been too chicken to try out a German yoga class. My hips and hamstrings are tighter than ever, though. I always struggle with postures that require open hamstrings. I had a breakthrough back in San Diego when I learned to think about forward bends as coming from a tilt in the hips and not a reach from the lower back. Today I had another breakthrough when Neesha on Yoga Today talked about moving the hips in a forward bend just as if you were doing cow pose. Bam! I was no longer struggling to just stay upright.

Anyway, I got more than just that one insight from Neesha today. This is the part of today’s blog entry that’s more for the ladies. Men, if you’re curious you’re welcome to read on (isn’t that what the anonymity of the internet is for?) and if you have a partner with a uterus she may appreciate the info. But I’ll be talking to the women here: Continue reading “Yoga — For the Ladies”