One Week

What a difference a week can make. At the end of May, the buds on this rhododendron tree had come out of hiding but were still tightly closed. I had just visited Bodnant Garden and seen all of the flowering rhododendrons there, so I was anxious to see this tree bloom. Just a week later, … Continue reading One Week

Aber Falls

While talking with other expat friends about exploring North Wales, the discussion turned to the myriad waterfalls around here. Someone mentioned Aber Falls (Rhaeadr Fawr), a waterfall not far inland between Bangor and Conwy. Naturally, we had to explore it. We set out the next day. It was a quick drive with a convenient parking … Continue reading Aber Falls

Kaffee und Kuchen

I think it’s official: I took the bakeries in Germany for granted. That’s not to say that bakeries in Wales are hopeless — they are just different. The desserts here are more likely to be cakes and muffins and cream puffs, and the breads are less varied. I miss walking past croissants and Apfelberliners in … Continue reading Kaffee und Kuchen