Mount Snowdon

Ever since we moved to North Wales, we have been talking about walking up Snowdon. We live minutes from one edge of Snowdonia National Park and are already familiar with many of its awe-inspiring walks, but our plans to walk up the highest mountain in Wales kept getting thwarted with rain or other interference. Until last weekend. … Continue reading Mount Snowdon

One Week

What a difference a week can make. At the end of May, the buds on this rhododendron tree had come out of hiding but were still tightly closed. I had just visited Bodnant Garden and seen all of the flowering rhododendrons there, so I was anxious to see this tree bloom. Just a week later, … Continue reading One Week

Pink Blossoms

Remember the surprise flowers I found in my garden recently? These flowers were another sort of surprise. I have been checking on this plant daily, waiting for the flower buds to open up. My vigilance was rewarded! So what’s the surprise? Until I started my gardening this year, I didn’t even know this bush was … Continue reading Pink Blossoms


We’ve been keeping a fairly close eye on this tree. It’s tall and when its orange flowers started budding we could see them every time we looked out the window. I was just waiting for the flowers to start opening — and this weekend my watchfulness was rewarded. We’re pretty sure this tree is a … Continue reading Barberry