Camping in the Boundary Waters

Since moving abroad, almost all of my travel in the US has been to see friends and family or for work trips. When we plan a fun trip just to go somewhere, it’s almost always to a new or favorite part of Europe. But a couple summers ago, I was on sabbatical from work and … Continue reading Camping in the Boundary Waters

Cadair Ifan Goch

The cover image for my most-used local walking book, Walking in the Conwy Valley, is from Cadair Ifan Goch overlooking the Conwy Valley from the east. It’s one of those walks that promises a breathtaking view, but the images don’t really capture the grandness of the place, and so it took a surprising amount of … Continue reading Cadair Ifan Goch

Visiting the Garden

A couple weeks ago, we had a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend and I knew I had to spend part of it at Bodnant Garden. Such a good decision. We were greeted at the walk just inside the entrance by an array of bright reds, yellows, and oranges: Wandering down the path, I saw these … Continue reading Visiting the Garden