Happy Birthday to Me!

When I was young, I spent many hours playing the upright piano in the corner of my parents’ living room. I prepared for recitals, memorized pieces for competitions, and forced myself through scales and exercises. At some point, my mom told me I could have their piano once I had my own place to live. … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

Jazz in Llandudno

Recently we discovered Vaughan St. Jazz, a monthly (1st Thursday of the month) event at Mostyn in Llandudno. This month was Matt Owens, performing on double bass along with John Ellis (keyboard), Neil Yates (trumpet), Sam Draper (drums), and RĂ­oghnach Connolly (vocals and flute). One of my favorite songs of the night was “The Aviators’ Ball,” … Continue reading Jazz in Llandudno