Getting Medicine in Germany

If you’ve ever lived in Germany, especially if you were simultaneously learning German, you’ll be nodding along and cringing with empathy while you read Firoozeh Dumas’s article “Foot Fungus Is Better in America.” I recall some immensely frustrating conversations with pharmacists there, trying to understand what medicine they wanted to give me and trying (but of course failing) … Continue reading Getting Medicine in Germany


Last year, before leaving Germany, we received a book of recipes as a gift. Not just any recipes — each of my husband’s colleagues contributed a handwritten recipe of their own to share with us. In the move, I somehow tucked that book away with non-cookbooks, and it wasn’t until the day after Christmas this year that … Continue reading Apfelstrudel

Kaffee und Kuchen

I think it’s official: I took the bakeries in Germany for granted. That’s not to say that bakeries in Wales are hopeless — they are just different. The desserts here are more likely to be cakes and muffins and cream puffs, and the breads are less varied. I miss walking past croissants and Apfelberliners in … Continue reading Kaffee und Kuchen