A Day at Bodnant Garden

There is a house on our street with a laburnum tree in their garden. It’s perfect for gauging when to visit Bodnant Garden’s laburnum arch, so when we noticed it was in full bloom at the end of May we decided to go for a visit. We weren’t disappointed! We had no other plans for … Continue reading A Day at Bodnant Garden

Visiting the Garden

A couple weeks ago, we had a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend and I knew I had to spend part of it at Bodnant Garden. Such a good decision. We were greeted at the walk just inside the entrance by an array of bright reds, yellows, and oranges: Wandering down the path, I saw these … Continue reading Visiting the Garden

Taming the Garden

Last month, I left for several weeks — several critical weeks when the weather was warmer and rainy and our garden was starting to come out of hibernation. When I got back, it had gone a bit wild: I quickly got to work wrangling the eager dandelions, digging them out or just popping off the … Continue reading Taming the Garden

Discovering New Growth

I just got home from several weeks away, and it was such a pleasure to come home (even though there’s still a definite chill in the air here). All kinds of flowers have come to life while I was away — including a whole army of dandelions! Thankfully, digging up the dandelions gives me an … Continue reading Discovering New Growth