Visiting the Garden

A couple weeks ago, we had a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend and I knew I had to spend part of it at Bodnant Garden. Such a good decision. We were greeted at the walk just inside the entrance by an array of bright reds, yellows, and oranges: Wandering down the path, I saw these … Continue reading Visiting the Garden

Taming the Garden

Last month, I left for several weeks — several critical weeks when the weather was warmer and rainy and our garden was starting to come out of hibernation. When I got back, it had gone a bit wild: I quickly got to work wrangling the eager dandelions, digging them out or just popping off the … Continue reading Taming the Garden

Discovering New Growth

I just got home from several weeks away, and it was such a pleasure to come home (even though there’s still a definite chill in the air here). All kinds of flowers have come to life while I was away — including a whole army of dandelions! Thankfully, digging up the dandelions gives me an … Continue reading Discovering New Growth


It’s blackberry season — my favorite! While walking around town the other day we stopped to hunt through the bramble for ripe berries. It’s worth the occasional mouth-puckering, tart berry to find the really sweet ones. You just have to watch out for bugs (or, you know, just appreciate the extra protein)! We have a … Continue reading Blackberries