Where are you from?

It’s the middle of my work day, and the doorbell rings. Someone has come by from a local charity or other organization and wants a brief chat. I pause my work and open the door, smiling as I prepare myself for whatever it is they’d like to tell me about. Them: “Hello, I’m [Name] from … Continue reading Where are you from?

Convoluted Paperwork

I’ve been living in the UK for nearly three years now (can you believe it?!) which means it’s that time again: Visa renewal time. We sent in our paperwork to renew our visas, and when I got back from my last work trip, we mailed in our passports to go along with our application. It … Continue reading Convoluted Paperwork

Voting Abroad

US expats have to walk a fine line when it comes to anything related to our former residence in the US. We are still tied to our last state of residence (in my case, California) for various official purposes, but if we cross the line that state can charge us state taxes. Here’s an example: for federal elections, … Continue reading Voting Abroad

Home is …

… in Wales, and in Iowa. … with my family, and with my friends. … at a meetup with my coworkers, and at a coffee shop with my laptop. … in a tango embrace, and in the middle of a good book. … where I see the sunrise, and where I see the sunset. As … Continue reading Home is …

Settling In

We’ve been living in Wales for about 3 months now. We’re finally at that point where day-to-day things feel normal but perhaps a little rough around the edges. Maybe you know what I mean: We have real furniture in all the rooms, but we’re still using makeshift curtains. We have our own car again, but … Continue reading Settling In