Buying Local

I have never been very good at deciding what to cook based on what looks good (or has a good price!) in the supermarket. That requires a level of creativity, flexibility, and comfort with experimentation that I’m only just developing. No, I usually pick recipes and then send my husband to the store to get … Continue reading Buying Local

Mexican Feasts

I am a bit of a lazy cook. Sure, I can spend all day making puff pastry to bake with, but ask me to make dinner and I’ll look for the easy way out. I prefer one-pot meals where you throw everything into the pot and walk away. However, I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes, and … Continue reading Mexican Feasts

Adventures in Cooking: Squash and parsnip … soup?

Yesterday, I was determined to make a recipe from my new cookbook,¬†Ottolenghi: A Cookbook.¬†I’d settled on the squash/pumpkin and parsnip soup I’d seen while browsing through the book earlier. (I’d meant to bookmark about half a dozen recipes to try first, but I ended up with at least a dozen bookmarks sticking out of the … Continue reading Adventures in Cooking: Squash and parsnip … soup?