Climbing & Baking

My husband and I decided to go to the university sports centre this week for some rock climbing. It was his first time, and we didn’t want to wait for the next intro class, so we had a private class with one of their climbing instructors. I appreciated the review — I’ve only climbed once … Continue reading Climbing & Baking


Last year, before leaving Germany, we received a book of recipes as a gift. Not just any recipes — each of my husband’s colleagues contributed a handwritten recipe of their own to share with us. In the move, I somehow tucked that book away with non-cookbooks, and it wasn’t until the day after Christmas this year that … Continue reading Apfelstrudel

Fun with Food

Every Christmas morning, my family gets up and makes cinnamon rolls and orange danishes. You know, the kind that you buy in a tube. I hate orange danishes. I really don’t like orange flavors added to other foods. But cinnamon rolls are lovely. I made some cinnamon rolls last December, soon after arriving in Aachen. … Continue reading Fun with Food