Pink Blossoms

Remember the surprise flowers I found in my garden recently? These flowers were another sort of surprise. I have been checking on this plant daily, waiting for the flower buds to open up. My vigilance was rewarded! So what’s the surprise? Until I started my gardening this year, I didn’t even know this bush was … Continue reading Pink Blossoms


We’ve been keeping a fairly close eye on this tree. It’s tall and when its orange flowers started budding we could see them every time we looked out the window. I was just waiting for the flowers to start opening — and this weekend my watchfulness was rewarded. We’re pretty sure this tree is a … Continue reading Barberry

Surprise Flowers

  I spotted these flowers on the side of the house today. They’re a bit hidden — not visible from a window or the front or back gardens, it was a nice surprise when I noticed them while weeding this morning. Certainly motivates me to keep spending time out there! Continue reading Surprise Flowers