Walk to Deganwy Castle

Summer has truly arrived in Conwy. A warm, humid, sunny day enticed us out of the house for a long walk from Conwy to Deganwy Castle. We took a route around Conwy Harbor, appreciating the wildflowers and berries growing alongside the path. As we came into Deganwy, we passed the marina and headed straight inland … Continue reading Walk to Deganwy Castle

Conwy Harbor

“I remember the night, on my first visit here, when I lost my way and ended up driving across this bridge toward the castle,” said my husband. “I didn’t know I’d end up living next to it.” We decided to walk to the grocery store yesterday. My muscles were aching from a morning yoga practice, but the … Continue reading Conwy Harbor


When my brother took up geocaching years ago, I didn’t get it. I still remember taking a walk right after a heavy rainfall, and my brother stopped partway through to go trudge through the mud to find a cache. I just stood there on the trail, wondering what would possess someone to get all muddy and damp … Continue reading Geocaching