Camping in the Boundary Waters

Since moving abroad, almost all of my travel in the US has been to see friends and family or for work trips. When we plan a fun trip just to go somewhere, it’s almost always to a new or favorite part of Europe. But a couple summers ago, I was on sabbatical from work and … Continue reading Camping in the Boundary Waters

Hotel Room Design

I went to plug in my laptop charger in the outlet at the desk in my hotel room and discovered this frustrating design decision: My instinct in situations like this is to flip the charger upside down — sadly, this trick doesn’t work for UK outlets the way it does for US outlets. Thankfully the … Continue reading Hotel Room Design

Stirling Castle

After leaving the Isle of Mull, we stopped in Stirling for a visit to its old town and Stirling Castle. I think I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to castles (nothing is ever quite as impressive to me as Conwy) but Stirling does have its own charm. Before getting all the way up to … Continue reading Stirling Castle