Wales Coast Path: Conwy Beach

Today I ventured out for a 6.25-mile walk around Conwy. I wasn’t sure exactly where I’d go, just that I wanted to walk at least 6 miles. So I started out on a familiar path into Conwy, down to the quay, and along the path around Bodlondeb Woods. From there, instead of turning toward home, … Continue reading Wales Coast Path: Conwy Beach

Walk on Ynys Llanddwyn

When my parents visit, we tend to do a lot of walks in the Conwy valley. The walks (besides being gorgeous and interesting) are relatively nearby and usually easy to access with public transport. However, we often talk about possible walks on Anglesey and really wanted to fit one in during their trip this spring. … Continue reading Walk on Ynys Llanddwyn

Caerhun Walk

In early June, we drove just south along the river to Tal-y-Cafn, for a walk to Caerhun (walk #7 in Walking in the Conwy Valley). The main attraction is Caerhun Church, the site of a first century Roman fort. The walk started by passing through a farm and into the woods, where we encountered a very … Continue reading Caerhun Walk