German Grammar Question: Man v. Jemand/Niemand

Today in my German class, we were working on the passive voice. We practiced using it by changing active sentences into passive ones, and vice versa. This was one of our practice sentences: Die Heizung war nicht abgestellt worden. In order to put it in active voice, I created this sentence: Niemand hatte die Heizung … Continue reading German Grammar Question: Man v. Jemand/Niemand

German v. Spanish

I have a problem with German. It has nothing to do with learning the language, a process that is going fairly well. If all goes well with my exam tomorrow, I will be one class away from B1 status. This classifies me as an “independent user” with “threshold or intermediate” language skills, according to the … Continue reading German v. Spanish

Reading in German

Today I took my A2 German test. Assuming all goes well, by Friday I will officially be an A2 German speaker. Woohoo! After finishing the test, I wandered across the street to the Mayersche Buchhandlung. I started browsing their sale books: €3 for one book, €5 for two. I looked for novels or other easy … Continue reading Reading in German