Last year, before leaving Germany, we received a book of recipes as a gift. Not just any recipes — each of my husband’s colleagues contributed a handwritten recipe of their own to share with us. In the move, I somehow tucked that book away with non-cookbooks, and it wasn’t until the day after Christmas this year that …

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Sunday Eats

Sundays are lovely, lazy days when we’re at home. After a chilly spell, yesterday was warm and sunny — we took it slow, doing a bit of work around the garden and some less exciting paperwork inside. But we also took the time to make some tasty food. I love the days when everything is … Continue reading Sunday Eats

Stories from Iran: Tea

As I shuffled into the kitchen in the morning — slightly jet-lagged but mostly just my usual pre-coffee, bleary-eyed self — my mother-in-law hurried over: “Chai mikhai?“1 The pot of tea had been brewing since she had woken up, nestled on top of a kettle of water. I nodded and managed to mumble, “Are, mersi,”2 as I found … Continue reading Stories from Iran: Tea

Kaffee und Kuchen

I think it’s official: I took the bakeries in Germany for granted. That’s not to say that bakeries in Wales are hopeless — they are just different. The desserts here are more likely to be cakes and muffins and cream puffs, and the breads are less varied. I miss walking past croissants and Apfelberliners in … Continue reading Kaffee und Kuchen