Mexican Feasts

I am a bit of a lazy cook. Sure, I can spend all day making puff pastry to bake with, but ask me to make dinner and I’ll look for the easy way out. I prefer one-pot meals where you throw everything into the pot and walk away. However, I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes, and … Continue reading Mexican Feasts

Nose to Tail

As we turn onto Garage St, headed toward Builder St, I think about the countless times we have driven past this part of town without ever thinking about what is in the neighborhood. We note the brewery, peek at the railway tracks, and then turn toward the glowing lights at the entrance to The Kitchen’s Nose … Continue reading Nose to Tail


This may look like an innocent bowl of porridge. Perhaps nicely cooked oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon on top. But I am here to tell you: Do not be fooled, my friends. This is haleem (حلیم‎). I have listened to my husband tell the tale of haleem for a while now. He told me … Continue reading Haleem


Last year, before leaving Germany, we received a book of recipes as a gift. Not just any recipes — each of my husband’s colleagues contributed a handwritten recipe of their own to share with us. In the move, I somehow tucked that book away with non-cookbooks, and it wasn’t until the day after Christmas this year that … Continue reading Apfelstrudel

Sunday Eats

Sundays are lovely, lazy days when we’re at home. After a chilly spell, yesterday was warm and sunny — we took it slow, doing a bit of work around the garden and some less exciting paperwork inside. But we also took the time to make some tasty food. I love the days when everything is … Continue reading Sunday Eats

Stories from Iran: Tea

As I shuffled into the kitchen in the morning — slightly jet-lagged but mostly just my usual pre-coffee, bleary-eyed self — my mother-in-law hurried over: “Chai mikhai?“1 The pot of tea had been brewing since she had woken up, nestled on top of a kettle of water. I nodded and managed to mumble, “Are, mersi,”2 as I found … Continue reading Stories from Iran: Tea