Hiking up Crimpiau near Capel Curig

Over the bank holiday weekend, we had gorgeous sunny weather and energy for a more significant walk than just around town. We decided to take an afternoon and hike up Crimpiau, near Capel Curig in Snowdonia. It’s only a 3.5-mile hike, so nothing too long, with a 275-meter ascent. I wouldn’t recommend this hike if … Continue reading Hiking up Crimpiau near Capel Curig

Expats on Lockdown

I’m not planning to blog more than this once about the current Coronavirus situation. I figure everyone is exhausted just living through it — you don’t need to read a bunch about it, too. It’s also therapeutic to go through older photos of trips and hikes, to remember and blog about those experiences. I’ll try … Continue reading Expats on Lockdown