Convoluted Paperwork

I’ve been living in the UK for nearly three years now (can you believe it?!) which means it’s that time again: Visa renewal time. We sent in our paperwork to renew our visas, and when I got back from my last work trip, we mailed in our passports to go along with our application. It … Continue reading Convoluted Paperwork

You Have to Look

I read this just before the US election. It seems fitting for the current political climate, and I worry that if I say anything more it won’t come out right, so for now I’ll just share it without additional commentary: “You have to look!” Johnnie Walker commanded. “That’s another one of our rules. Closing your … Continue reading You Have to Look

5 Years

I have been using for over eight years, but five years ago I created a new account to mark a big change and start a new blog: this one. Five years ago we started planning our move abroad in earnest. Five years ago we decided to say goodbye to the US and get ready … Continue reading 5 Years

Mexican Feasts

I am a bit of a lazy cook. Sure, I can spend all day making puff pastry to bake with, but ask me to make dinner and I’ll look for the easy way out. I prefer one-pot meals where you throw everything into the pot and walk away. However, I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes, and … Continue reading Mexican Feasts