How to Overcome Jet Lag

Traveling east always wipes me out, but after my most recent trip to the US I’m trying to beat jet lag by sheer force of will. Here’s how: Saturday: Arrive home like a zombie. Sunday: Take lots of naps. Monday: Set a 9:30 AM doctor appointment. Tuesday: Schedule home repairs taking all day starting at … Continue reading How to Overcome Jet Lag

Chocolate Lies

I had a gross learning experience this week. You see, I don’t particularly like milk chocolate and will always choose dark chocolate instead. Not super dark, but the kind that isn’t particularly sweet and has around 70% cocoa solids. When we lived in Aachen, we discovered the Lindt factory there and I fell in love. … Continue reading Chocolate Lies

Quite a Challenge

I’m currently reading a book, That’s Not English, all about the similarities and differences between British and American English. It’s delightful! And I wish I had discovered it earlier. (I picked it up by chance at the library while browsing a stand of recommended books.) I was especially shocked to discover a meaning for the … Continue reading Quite a Challenge

Learning German: Combining research and helping refugees learn a new language

Their idea was to design a top-notch, intensive, free language course for a group of refugees — and to partner with these newcomers in a language experiment. There’s a debate about the best way to teach German to nonnative speakers, Goucha says. Often, teachers start with a heavy dose of vocabulary and leave German syntax … Continue reading Learning German: Combining research and helping refugees learn a new language

Convoluted Paperwork

I’ve been living in the UK for nearly three years now (can you believe it?!) which means it’s that time again: Visa renewal time. We sent in our paperwork to renew our visas, and when I got back from my last work trip, we mailed in our passports to go along with our application. It … Continue reading Convoluted Paperwork

You Have to Look

I read this just before the US election. It seems fitting for the current political climate, and I worry that if I say anything more it won’t come out right, so for now I’ll just share it without additional commentary: “You have to look!” Johnnie Walker commanded. “That’s another one of our rules. Closing your … Continue reading You Have to Look