Where are you from?

4 thoughts on “Where are you from?”

  1. I know where you are from. I can see your former home any time I want. I even stop and talk to your parents now and then. They are good people. 🙂

  2. You need to learn Welsh! I can get away for quite a while when I first meet someone if I speak Welsh. Eventually they say – in Welsh – “You have a tink of an accent. Where are you from?” and then they’re really happy because I’ve learnt Welsh; whereas, if I start in English my much stronger accent gives me away pretty quickly every time.

    1. That’s a great strategy. 🙂 I wish I had the time to really learn Welsh right now! Perhaps I’ll work again on at least some basic phrases. Speaking Welsh with someone new is a bit of a gamble around here, though — many locals only speak English.

  3. This was really relatable! And while, living in China, it’s immediately obvious I’m not from here, it’s sometimes wearying to always be treated as if I won’t know anything at all about things here! It’s nice to just feel accepted, I think. Thanks for sharing!

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