Locali(z/s)ed Gaming

4 thoughts on “Locali(z/s)ed Gaming”

  1. I play on a quiz team at a pub in Tenby. The quizmaster takes pity on my and throws in a few American questions every week. I was a star one evening when they asked what a Zamboni was and I knew it was the machine that cleaned the ice after a hockey inning.

    1. Haha, that’s great! I have thought about trying out a pub quiz night but if tonight is any indication I’d probably crash and burn. 😉

  2. I heard about a very local (think village) monthly quiz that used to be won every time by a serious quizzing team from a nearby town that went around mopping up the prizes at all these supposed -to-be fun local quizzes. So the quiz master got their revenge by setting a proper local quiz – who lives at number 10, what is displayed in the butcher’s window etc. Funnily enough the serious quizzers didn’t win that one!

  3. I grew up in New Zealand and I struggle here in Wales at pub quizzes, especially the sports round! I played Trivial Pursuit with friends at Christmas and it was hysterical. I could answer lots of other people’s questions but every time it came to my turn it was a really British question and impossible. We were in tears of laughter by the end, with me threatening to buy a Kiwi version online to get my revenge. I did learn a bit of interesting British history though.

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