How Much is Enough?

3 thoughts on “How Much is Enough?”

    1. I won’t be that drastic, but even if I’m not entirely successful at using just 33 items I will probably get rid of some of my less-worn clothing. I try to do that once a year or so, and I think this will help make that process easier so maybe I can give away more than I usually do. 🙂 Would you ever try a project like this?

      1. I did a closet edit before moving back to Australia from Germany and I got rid of quite a bit of stuff. I know I don’t need so many items of clothing, but I find it difficult to part with them if I do still wear them. I like fashion, but am not crazy about it like some people that need to buy new clothes every season to change up their wardrobe. I have clothes that I bought in high school still!

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