Restaurant Reviews: Aachen Roundup

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Reviews: Aachen Roundup”

  1. Woo I’ve been to Pasta and Prosecco! Not bad for a one time visitor to Aachen, huh? Glad you’re happy with your food choices in Aachen. We definitely don’t have any good Chinese, Malaysian, or Japanese food in Würzburg. I’m still hoping to find a really good Italian place too. But I don’t have high hopes really. I haven’t found Germany to be very foodie-friendly!

    1. I don’t think of Germany as being particularly foodie-friendly, either, but luckily I’m not much of a foodie. 🙂 I did see this article in the NYT recently about great food in Germany:

      I’m also hopeful about the Chinese restaurant on my list of places to try. It was recommended by two Chinese women in my German class, so I’m guessing it’s at least passable!

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