The Language of Tango

2 thoughts on “The Language of Tango”

    1. I hope he wasn’t! I really enjoy dancing with my husband—he’s an incredible leader, and it’s a different kind of connection when we dance. Plus, the leader I met yesterday is probably at least twenty years my senior, and he was obviously there with his own girlfriend/wife. 😉

      It’s hard to explain how tango connections are different than romantic connections … they certainly can sound similar when you describe them, but the attraction is limited to the dance floor. At least for us—some couples choose not to dance with other people, but my husband and I both think it would be boring to just dance with each other all the time. Every dancer has their own style, so it’s fun to find those people you connect with as dancers. It creates a great feeling while you’re dancing that doesn’t necessarily extend outside of that experience. And it’s part of what makes dancing tango so addicting!

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