Weekend in Brussels

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Brussels”

  1. Haha seeing as there are so many place to visit while in Europe, I’m glad I can cross Brussels off the list! In other news, I started going to a Integrationskurs, and I’m quite disappointed with it. We have days where all we’ve done is discuss a random thing someone’s brought up. That may be good for practising your speaking, but there are English words inserted in the statements, the grammar is completely wrong, and you don’t really get corrected! And everyone talks over the top of each other! It’s worse than kindergarten! Now I know how luck I was to do the course I did in Munich. Amazing teachers with good lesson plans. If the government says they’re not going to pay for my Intergrationskurs, I think I might quit and do something else… I still have to find out if I HAVE to do the Orientierungskurs if I get money from the government too… *whinge whinge whinge* =p

    1. I wouldn’t cross it off the list of places to visit! I just wouldn’t want to live there. 🙂

      Oy, that Integrationskurs sounds dreadful. I got pretty lucky at the Sprachenakademie here — really good curriculum and (mostly) great teachers. I can’t imagine trying to improve when there’s a bunch of English being thrown around and no corrections given. Yuck! I think I had to do the Orientierungskurs as part of the requirement for me to renew my residence permit, but I don’t know anything about the requirements beyond that … maybe you can find a better school that offers the course? Good luck!

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