Done with the DTZ!

8 thoughts on “Done with the DTZ!”

  1. Yay! Congratulations! I’m sure you did awesome! I’ve been procrastinating from enrolling in my German course =s I haven’t done it for almost a year now and I’m scared! But I wonder if you know, if the brochure says the course has “Ziel: Niveau A2”, does that mean it’s an A1 course? So if I want to do an A2 course, I should do the course that says, “Ziel: Niveau B1”?

    1. How do they name the classes? I would guess that “Ziel: Niveau A2” means that the goal of the class is to get you to an A2 level. But it’s worth asking the school to make sure you get into the right class!

  2. The one that says “Ziel: Niveau A2” is called I. Basicsprachkurs, and the one that says “Ziel: Niveau B1” is called II. Aufbausprachkurs. There are so many different courses with no explanation as to what the difference is, the German administrative system can be so frustrating to navigate!

  3. Hello, I am preparing for my dtz exam next month. I am searching for some materiala to prepare for the speaking test. Do you have any idea where can I find it?
    Thanks in advance

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