Different-Sized Breasts … Chicken Breasts, That Is.

5 thoughts on “Different-Sized Breasts … Chicken Breasts, That Is.”

      1. o_O Which supermarket?! Haha I’m following your blog to see where I can get cheap chicken from haha. And you’re also an expat living in Germany. And you knit and I learnt to crochet last year (the things I have time for now that I can’t work in Germany). And you seem nice =)

        1. Haha, I usually get chicken from the Netto (it’s closeby), but I think other places like Aldi also have it fairly cheap. It’s frozen, not fresh, but when roasting I really don’t think it makes a big difference!
          You crochet? I tried to learn, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. For me, knitting is much easier. 🙂

          1. Ah we don’t have a Netto here, but I should check Aldi next time!

            The lady that taught me the basics of crochet told me crochet was easier than knitting! Learning to knit might be a project for this year. But I still haven’t mastered crochet!

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