German Grammar Question: Man v. Jemand/Niemand

3 thoughts on “German Grammar Question: Man v. Jemand/Niemand”

  1. “Niemand” means “no one” and “man” is still more neutral. More like a passive energy. While “niemand” ist definitely a human someone.
    I would translate your phrase to “No one switched of the heating.” While I would translate the teachers version with “The heating wasn’t switched of”.
    (I’m not a pro, just a native speaker)

    1. Thanks! I’m sadly not fluent but learned more German after writing this post and I can see the difference the way you describe it now. It’s interesting how our linguistic intuition grows over time!

      1. Absolutely. Since I started looking all TV shows and movies in English I developed much more of what you call linguistic intuition :-). And I understand accents 🙂 (not Scottish or anything complicated :-))

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