Baking US Recipes in Germany

3 thoughts on “Baking US Recipes in Germany”

  1. Rachel,

    I just wanted to say I can *so* relate to this! When I lived in Peru, it was practically impossible to bake the way I was used to and I missed it so much. I particularly didn’t like the vanilla sugar that’s common as opposed to the extract. Load up on some when next you’re back in North America. 😉

    Still, half of the fun of baking is trying new things, so do enjoy the experiments and I hope you get some tasty results!

    1. I think I’m going to experiment soon with baking sugar cookies (using single-action baking powder for the first time). It is very fun to play around with these things, and I’m trying not to get frustrated about it. Actually, I have started to gather some German baking recipes, which is even more exciting! Although I like to be able to make some of my familiar comfort food, I do want to take advantage of being here to try out some different cooking. 🙂

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